Birth ofThermal Spring I.


2013 is the anniversary year of Bad Füssing and Lindenhof: For over 75 years now thermal spring water bubbles up from a depth of 1000 meters with 56 ° C and a delivery of 3000 l/min.

As Europe’s strongest sulphur spring is located on the premises owned by family Ortner, the family still owns Thermal Spring I.

The farm of family Wimmer was one of the six properties in Weiler Füssing, which had 38 inhabitants in those days. The farmyard included the dwelling house, stables for cattle, horses, sheep and pigs, the barn and cart shed. In 1925, Georg Wimmer built a chapel between two old lime trees as a sign of gratitude towards god for letting him return home from the war. Georg Wimmer passed away 1932.

During the Third Reich, the area of the Inn valley was famous for mineral oil, so Miss Wimmer signed a contract with BMI in 1937. It was contractually agreed that BMI was now allowed to drill for oil on Miss Wimmer’s land. In autumn 1937, drilling operations started about 150 meters away from Lindenhof.

On February 8th 1938, sulphur water sprung up over the drilling rig instead of oil – the moment of birth for the Thermal Spring I.

The disappointment about unwanted water bubbling up instead of oil, made the oil company BMI (Bavarian Mineral oil Industry) close the gap in the ground and build a small cottage above it, to make sure they could use the thermal spring water in case it was useful one day. Madame Wimmer kept the keys to the unimposing cottage.

In 1946 Franz Ortner married the Wimmer’s daughter Mathilde Wimmer and took over the farm. In these days the property was still called “Ortnerhof” and luckily, Franz Ortner knew about the drilling and the hot water underneath the cottage. The key to the cottage opened the door for him to the life-changing founding of a new spa resort.

When he finally reopened the hole, the water gushed 30 meter into the air and created a bathing pool through this way. Children, seniors and veterans as well as Jews and Americans started coming to take a bath in the natural pool and eased their pain. Back then, Franz Ortner did not know the exact composition of the water but realized it was spa water.

Then, he was the only person believing that the hot spring could be the basis for creating a spa resort. The others stood against him, but nobody was able to stop him from realizing his vision. He built a fountain to cool down the 56°C water and fought for the water rights. The Jewish inhabitants supported him and occupied the spring. They named Franz Ortner the first pool attendant.

BMI had the composition of the water examined in Munich and the results showed that the spring is the strongest sulphur spring in Europe. Finally, BMI recognized the worth of the water and started running the spring as public health bath from 1947 onwards– the beginning of the thermal spring spa resort Füssing.

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