From Wimmerhof to Ortner's Lindenhof.


After the successful birth of Thermal Spring I1, the former farmhouse changed into a guest house. Back in the time it was still called “Ortner-Hof” when the first rooms were being rented in 1948. Being renamed Lindenhof in the very same year, the former farm then was the first guest house in Füssing.

In 1950 Franz Xaver was born, who shaped Lindenhof’s longstanding success story up until today.

Visitor numbers rose steadily and Füssing began to gain a high reputation as a (health) spa. During the building, known as “BIO Haus Linde” today, was built. It was constructed on the very same place, where the car shed and the granary used to be.
The capacity limit of the dorms soon was reached, so the apartment building and the “BIO Haus Linde” needed to be enlarged. In the course of this an in-house massage center was added as well.

In 1964, a thermal spring basin was built as an open-air pool just next to Lindenhof. Three years later, this one got roofed and another open-air pool was built in the Lindenhof grounds. Up until today the Thermal Spring I provides fresh, healing water for the pools in and around Lindenhof once a day.

1977 the farm’s chapel, which was built by Georg Wimmer, burnt down and was then renovated by family Ortner.

In 1971, the village Füssing was recognized as Bavarian health and spa resort and was therefore renamed Bad Füssing.

In 1978, the old stables were taken down, including the old crest, and the house “Wappen” (German for crest) was built including consulting and therapy rooms.

Franz Ortner (in the background) in front of the first concrete-tub in the late 40s.

Franz Xaver Ortner married Christl Scharpf in 1979. She descended from a family from the Kneipp-spa resort Wörishofen. In 1981, they took over Lindenhof together. Just in the same year, their daughter Bettina was born, followed by her brother Franz Josef in 1983.

In 1983 a new building named “Therme” replaced the old farm’s residence and four years later the house “Linde” was renewed as well.

With 6.500 inhabitants offering 13.300 guest beds and about 3.2 million accommodations, Bad Füssing established itself as Europe’s biggest health resort in 1988.
This was reason enough to enlarge Lindenhof in 1992 again: By adding three new thermal baths Lindenhof created a real thermal spa paradise. In 1995, an underground parking garage was built, offering 58 parking spaces.

2001: Pioneer and founder of Bad Füssing, Franz Ortner, died. As a result, the farm’s livestock was given away and the farm’s agricultural land was leased.

In 2002, the breakfast room called “La Stella” was rebuilt in an Italian style, now including a terrace. Three years later, the bar “Hofschänke” was built where the old cowshed used to be. A sauna spa area was constructed in 2007 with garden suites.

In the same year, the Franz-Ortner-fountain was inaugurated right in front of Lindenhof. It was dedicated to Bad Füssing`s founder, Lindenhof’s former senior boss, to thank him for his loyal earnings for Bad Füssing as a whole and for the Lindenhof itself.

The anniversary in 2008 „70 years of finding and drilling thermal spring water” was celebrated with a lot of events and the “Hofstüberl” was added to the “Hofschänke”. In the same year Sophia Amalia Christina was born who is Franz Ortner’s great-grand-daughter. In 2009 the house “Therme” was renovated by adding new feel-good rooms and bathrooms. The whole hotel resort was reconstructed and embellished.

In 2009/2010 the spa hotel Lindenhof became today´s Ortner`s Lindenhof ****s. The main building “Wappen” was equipped with new feel-good rooms, as well as new bathrooms, and the so called “Wappenfassade” (emblem front) was built. The therapy center was modernized and the wellness rooms were expanded.
At the same time, a conference room and the new thermal spring spa paradise were built in Italian style. The fourth thermal spring bath was built outdoors and the sunbathing area was remodeled including the setup of beach stairs.

In May 2010, the opening of “Villa Sophia” was celebrated. The building used to be the house “Garten”. The new guesthouse “Villa Sophia” has modern double rooms and suites overviewing the nature. Including this alteration, the Lindenhof now offers room for 170 guests and is for the first time open for guests all year round.

In August 2010 the Ortner’s Lindenhof was labeled as a four star Garni-company.

In 2011, the prospective head of Lindenhof Bettina Maria Ortner married tax accountant Martin Zwicklbauer. Tragically Lindenberg’s senior head, Mathilde Ortner, passed away at their wedding day at the age of 91.

In 2012, the modifications of the former house “Linde” were completed and it was renamed to “BIO Haus Linde” including the wine house “Zur Weinpresse”. Shortly afterwards, Bettina gave birth to their second child, Martin Franz Leonard. The first son and heir is the younger brother to an older sister called Sophia.

2013: The new gastronomy “Wirt`z Füssing” replaced the old “Hofschänke”. From now on, the new gastronomy offers a demi-pension to guests as well as an a-la-carte restaurant for external guests.

March 11th, 2014: Official opening of “Wirt z`Füssing”, which was built in style of a Rottalian farm house. In connection with the opening of the new restaurant, the classification of DEHOGA with four stars superior was achieved.

A big thank you goes to all our dear and loyal guests, who had decisively helped shaping Lindenhof and its development. We wish everyone successful treatment and a pleasant stay at our Lindenhof with lots of good and unforgettable moments. We are looking forward to seeing you (again) at Lindenhof.

Sincerely yours,
Family Ortner-Zwicklbauer

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