The sulphide in the thermal spring water is easily absorbed by the skin and interacts with sickened parts of the body unfolding its healing and anti-inflammatory effects.

The strongest Sulphur spring in Europe can help you lessen following physical pains:

  • Rheumatic diseases e.g. chronical joint diseases, attrition
  • Heart and circulation disorders e.g. heart diseases, high blood pressure and bloodshot pressure
  • Metabolic diseases e.g. urate multiplication in blood, bone decalcification
  • Surgical after treatment e.g. after bone fractures and operations on the spine or joints
  • Paralyses e.g. after accidents, strokes
  • Spine complaints e.g. attrition on spine, disc prolapse
  • General regeneration e.g. metabolic stimulus, detoxification
  • Female diseases e.g. chronical inflammation of abdomen diseases, adhesion complaints
  • Circulation disorders e.g. limbs, after vascular surgeries

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