Thermal springaquatic paradise

Since 1938 thermal mineral water springs from a depth of approximately 1000 meters with 56°.

Family Ortner discovered Europe’s strongest sulphur spring by coincident and still is the owner of the Thermal Spring I.

100 m3 of healing water fill our four thermal spring basins (30-37°C), which are exclusive for our guests.

The sulphide in the thermal spring water is easily absorbed by the skin and interacts with sickened parts of the body where it unfolds its healing and anti-inflammatory effects.

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Our gift cards will light up the faces of your loved ones for sure. We offer three different gift cards from which you can choose. All of them can be redeemed in the hotel as well as in the Weinpress and at Wirt z`Füssing. You can order gift cards either by calling 08531 279-0 or by visiting our online shop

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